Clean, Healthy, High in Antioxidants and Sugar Free

We want you to benefit from
high-energy products that exceed market standards.

Our tea is infused with Organic Green Tea Caffeine

to raise your energy levels, and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated – all the great the benefits of caffeine with absolutely no crash on the other end.

Let's Break This Down

Green Tea naturally has 35 mg of caffeine, Black Tea naturally has 50 mg of caffeine, and Coffee has 125 mg of caffeine. 

Kubo’s Organic Green and Black Tea has 140 mg and 155 mg of caffeine.

But wait, how?

Through a proprietary process, we infuse our tea blends with caffeine derived from organic green tea leaves.  In turn, each blend has more caffeine than traditional tea and coffee.  Helping to activate your metabolism and increase your body’s energy levels naturally. 

With caffeine levels this high, how are there no jitters?

100% of the caffeine in our blends is derived from organic tea.  Caffeine derived from tea is digested slower into the body vs other caffeinated alternatives. 

Post caffeine crash and jitters are also often linked to the sugar in calorie dense coffee or energy drinks.  At Kubo, our blends are clean, natural, high in antioxidants and sugar free.