Organic High Energy Tea

Clean, healthy, high in antioxidants and sugar free. No crash or jitters.

We're on a mission to provide a healthy, 100% organic, natural high energy alternative to coffee and calorie dense sugar drinks.

Because we believe caffeine should come without unwanted anxiety, jitters, the inevitable crashes, and the uncomfortable stomach issues (we’ve been there!).

Our goal is to create a high-quality, direct-from-garden, sustainably minded and feel good, caffeinated green tea that will leave you healthy and energized.

Organic Meets Energy

Our certified organic raw ingredients are 100% natural.  Sourced with care and farmed naturally, never using pesticides or unnatural additives. We produce genuine, delicious, and clean tea blends.

What They’re Saying

I drink this tea for my morning boost. I'm off the coffee bandwagon and I LOVE that it's organic!

Shannon B.

Love this tea - delivers on what it says. Gives me a big boost of energy.

Bryan J.

I drink this tea to help me get through my 12 hour shifts. Best part - I don't get the midday crash with this tea.

Mike D.

I use it has a healthy pre-workout. The Energize is my favorite blend. It's flavorful but no overwhelming.

Thomas M.