Late night, early morning college days + fueling up on coffee and energy drinks wreaked havoc on my body.

I craved a healthy solution that would wake me up and leave me feeling good and energized.

(No Crashes, No Jitters, No Stomach Issues)

So I traveled the world!

To be fair... not specifically on the hunt to find tea. I just really love to travel.

But, it was during my trip to China that my world changed.

I was enamored with the dance that is a traditional tea ceremony.

The conversations, the unspoken rule "come as your are, everyone is welcome" and, of course, the exceptional flavors of tea.

When I returned home, I set up a tea station at my desk (literally!) and got to work.

And with my Supply Chain Degree from Marquette University and years of experience as a Sourcing Manager within the nutritional industry, perfected custom blends of caffeinated tea that are clean, healthy, and energizing.

Kubo Tea is a brand dedicated to supporting the well-being of our Earth, Farmers and Tea Drinkers. I hope you love it!