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About Us

Kubo Tea is a delicious direct-from-garden sourced tea, a natural and healthy alternative to caffeinated drinks. A refreshing, high in antioxidants and low-calorie beverage that will give you the boost required to activate your metabolism and increase your body's energy levels all day long.

 Now, enjoying an explosion of tropical flavor, a stimulating citrus sensation or a sweet fruity touch is possible in a natural and organic way thanks to Kubo Tea. Enjoy energy and the pure taste of tea like you’ve never experienced before.

 We want you to benefit from high-energy products that exceed market standards. Therefore, our tea is infused with organic green tea caffeine to raise your energy intake to the next level. With 3x the caffeine levels of traditional tea, Kubo Tea is your best ally to feel revitalized, refreshed, and ready to tackle your day. 

 Our Founder, Jack Hartmann has spent his career sourcing premium ingredients in the nutritional industry.  He combined his knowledge of nutrition and love for tea to create Kubo.  Our certified organic raw ingredients have been sourced with care, farmed naturally without pesticides or any unnatural additives- to produce genuine, delicious, and clean tea blends.  Grown and harvested with love and patience, respecting the land and the people who work in each part of the process. Our commitment to the environment and the health of the planet has led us to seek sustainability in all our operations.

Clean and healthy energy, 100% natural, organic, and sustainable, with an unbeatable taste. Discover our range of flavors with Kubo Tea.